[Meeting of Directors held at Goodison Park,
		November 23rd 1915]

Present		All the Directors except Dr. Baxter and Mr. Green.

Minutes		The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.

		The Chairman reported on his attendance today at a
		meeting of the Liverpool Branch of the Prince of Wales

		The Secretary reported that his Assistant had returned
		to the office having been discharged as medically
		unfit for service in the Army.

		The Secretary read a letter from Tom Page re his
		inability to play on Saturday last and from Parker
		that he was at present uncertain of being able to play
		on Saturday next.

		The payment of the League of £27:12:6 being 10%
		of the net receipts of Saturday's match was confirmed.

		Saturday's game was reported.

Team v				 Fern
Liverpool		Thompson	Maconnachie
		    Fleetwood    Wareing    Grenyer
		Chedgzoy  Kirsopp  Parker  Clennell  Harrison

		Reserves: Brown, Simpson, Nuttall, Howarth.

		The Secretary was instructed to arrange for Tea for all
		our players at the Bee Hotel on Saturday evening next