s d
		2/8 in respect of his attendance for training last week
		in accordance with the Trainer's book and that
		Maconnachie when he attended here yesterday declined
		to train or to sign the Trainer's book.

Team v				Fern
Liverpool		Thompson	Simpson
		    Brown	Fleetwood	McNeal
		Chedgzoy  Kirsopp  Anor  Clennell  Harrison

		Reserves :- Smith, Wareing.

		If Hampton is not available the recommendation of
		Smith or McNeal to take his place, failing him
		Rigsby, failing him Jefferis.

Director on Gate - Mr. Banks.

		It was resolved that a long service presentation be made
		to Mr. B. Kelly during Easter week. That Mr. Kelly
		select a suitable article or articles to a value of not
		exceeding £30, and that such presentation be made
		at a function to be hereafter arranged.

Transfer of		Daniel F. Ney to Horace Wright
Shares			Three partly paid shares Nod. 723 to 725
			Horace Wright to Arthur S. Davies
				One fully paid share No. 2449
			    do	      to Charles White
				Three partly paid Shares Nod. 2102/2104
			    do	      to Charles W. Elam Junr.
				Three partly paid shares Nod. 693 to 695
			    do	      to Vasey Hardy Deacon
				Three partly paid shares Nod. 2077, 2078 & 692.