Director to Stockport	Mr. W. C. Gibbins.

Reports re Players	Chairman reported that the price asked
Griffiths (Port Vale) for this player was £3500 plus his accrued
		share of benefit. Decided that this figure
		was much too high.

Watford v Walsall	Chairman reported very favorably of
		Miles (C. H.) of Watford & Warner (R. H.) of same team.

Gray (Wales)		Mr. E. Green reported that he was not
		impressed with this goalkeeper.

Vernon (Bury)		Mr. A. Coffey stated that he could not
Jennings (Leeds U.) recommend the former, but that the latter
		was a very good player.

Rotherham United players Messrs A. R. Wade & J. McGill reported that they
		could not recommend any of these players
		& Mr. Wade also reported favorably of Smedley (L. H.)
		New Brighton.

Briggs (B'gham)		Secy. reported favorably of this player
		and it was decided to ask what fee the Club
		would be prepared to take for his transfer.

McClure (Wallsend)	Mr. J. Fare gave another favorable report
		of this half back and a letter was read
		stating that transfer fee for him would be
		£225. Decided that Mr. Fare watch him again
		with power to secure him transfer if satisfied.

Jones (Lancaster)	Mr. J. Fare gave a good report of this C. F.
		but stated that he had now been signed on
		by N'cle. United.

Williamson (Kilmarnock)	Messrs J. Bell & J. Weir gave poor reports
		of this player.

Hewitt (Evenwood)	Mr. W. Laine gave a good report of this
		Centre forward.

Cann (Torquay)		Mr. W. J. Wallace gave another excellent
		report of this C.H.B.

Cape (Carlisle)		Mr. J. Elliott gave a very good report of