Committee Meeting held June 20th 1892

Present		G. Mahon Esq. (in the Chair) Messrs Griffiths, Atkinson,
		Baxter, Coates, Currier, Clayton, Leyland, Davies & the Sec.

Minutes	of last meeting read & Confirmed

Adv. Com.	Reported they had received & accepted the tender of Mr. C. M. Capleton
		8A Lord Street for use of Hoarding round the Ground (outside) &
		also inside of Goodison Road side only for adv. purposes & also
		to have the sole right to print & sell in the Ground match cards
		the amount for above being £150 for the Year payable quantity
		in advance viz. 1st of August: Nov: February & May respectively
		Resolved that the action of sub Committee on making
		the above arrangements be confirmed.

Payments by	Resolved that in all League matches & cup Ties, the
results to Players players taking part therein be paid 10/- each for a win
		at home or away in addition to their wages.

New Players	Resolved that we engage a first class Right half back and
		Bell of Dumbarton terms not to exceed £10 bonus & £3 per week
		with 10/- for a win as above & that Mr. Griffiths & the Sec.
		go to Scotland as soon as Convenient after the Bootle meeting.

		Resolved that Arridge & Grierson be engaged at above terms
		if Bootle give their release after meeting on Tuesday next
		& in that case no half back to be engaged.

McKeown		The Sec. read wires & letters from McKeown after which it
		was resolved that the Sec. write to him & ask him & his
		family to come down here at once.
18 Standen Whiteside Linaker was considered for membership of the Club.
39 It was agreed to pay £10.00 to F Geary as a wedding present.
43 It was agreed that the Combination Team should be offered 2 guineas and a gold medal each if they got the championship.
51 Resolved that the silver medals to Everton Team from the previous season should be presented on 24 Oct.
72 Gordon appeared before the Committee and promised to abstain from drink in the future.
74 Call on players “to pay strict and special attention to training … and not to go skating on the ice.”
98 Resolved that a turnstile book be kept.
107 Resolved that 13 medals be purchased @ 24/- from Vaughton’s
112 Fred Geary was asked to look for employment outside a public house