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Reference number
796 EFC/1/1/25
Minutes 1947-1950
1 Apr 1947-11 Oct 1950
Contains minutes of general meetings, annual general meetings, extraordinary general meetings, emergency meetings. 6 May 1947 G. Evans J.P. resigned as a Director, and a press statement was prepared. 24 Jun 1947 Cecil S. Baxter was elected Chairman. 17 Sep 1947 it was agreed that the Club accept a medal from 1884 donated by T. Jackson. 29 Oct 1947 it was agreed not to take action against a potentially libellous report in a Sunday newspaper. 11 Nov 1947 it was agreed to notify the press that T. G. Jones was available for transfer. 10 Feb 1948 it was decided to call an Extraordinary General Meeting to alter the Articles of Association. 9 Mar 1948 it was agreed that H. Catterick be put on transfer. 4 Jun 1948 Liverpool City Caterers were appointed caterers to the Club. 5 Aug 1948 it was agreed to transfer T. G. Jones to Roma F.C. 17 Aug 1948 it was agreed that no further baseball games should take place at Goodison Park. 14 Sep 1948 it was reported that T. G. Jones had asked to be taken off the transfer list. A list of applicants for the post of Team Manager was read. 15 Sep 1948 C. S. Britton was recommended for the post of Team Manager. 16 Sep 1948 the terms and conditions of the Team Manager's post were agreed and C. S. Britton accepted the post. 8 Nov 1948 C. S. Britton reported that only two or three of the team were of 1st League calibre. 8 Feb 1949 the death of W. C. Cuff was reported. 2 Aug 1949 C . S. Britton's suggestions regarding his role in managing staff were agreed. 25 Oct 1949 it was agreed not to part with T. G. Jones. 21 Dec 1949 an Extraordinary General Meeting was held to discuss the position of the Club in the League. 31 Jan 1950 it was agreed to put T. G. Jones on the transfer list. 25 Apr 1950 details of a Swedish tour were discussed. 1 May 1950 it was agreed to go ahead with the building of a special treatment room. 26 Jun 1950 W. R. Williams was elected Chairman. 1 Aug 1950 it was reported that T. G. Jones had agreed to work for Pwllheli F.C. Minutes signed by W. C. Gibbins, Cecil S. Baxter, W. R. Williams. The following pasted in unless otherwise stated: 4 Companies Registration Office receipts dated 10 Jan , 2 Apr, 16 Mar 1948, 14 Dec 1949. Income and expenditure account dated 5 May 1951 stapled to front flyleaf. Minutes of Sub-Committee next to minutes of 1 Apr 1947. Letter from Everton Football Club Co. Ltd. about the election of Directors dated 16 May 1947 next to minutes of 6 May 1947. Letters giving notice of the A.G.M.s on 19 Jun 1947, 4 Jun 1948, and 26 Jun 1950 including balance sheet before minutes of the meetings, also agenda. Minutes of Sub-Committee, 8 May 1947, next to minutes of 20 May 1947. Report of Sub-Committee, 16 Jun 1947, next to minutes of 16 Jun 1947. List of Players to be Retained Season 1947-48 next to minutes of 19 Jun 1947. Allocation of Practice Match Receipts 1947 and Minutes of Sub-Committee, 21 Aug 1947, next to minutes of 19 Aug 1947. Minutes of Sub-Committee, 2 Oct 1947, next to minutes of 7 Oct 1947. Newspaper cutting "Hoby on Sport" next to minutes of 29 Oct 1947. Minutes of Sub-Committee of 13 Nov 1947, next to minutes of 18 Nov 1947. Minutes of Sub-Committee, 12 Dec 1947, next to minutes of 9 Dec 1947. Sub-Committee Report, dated 26 Feb 1948, next to minutes of 24 Feb 1948. Everton Football Club Co. Ltd. Special Resolution after minutes of 30 Mar 1948. Minutes of Sub-Committee, 22 Apr 1948, after minutes of 20 Apr 1948. Minutes of Sub-Committee, 6 Aug 1948, after minutes of 5 Aug 1948. Suggested Allocation of practice Match Receipts after minutes of 21 Sep 1948. Minutes of Sub-Committee , dated 28 Oct 1948, after minutes of 26 Oct 1948. Minutes of Sub-Committee, 20 Dec 1948, after minutes of 21 Dec 1948. Minutes of Sub-Committee, dated 27 Jan 1949, after minutes of 25 Jan 1949. Minutes of Sub-Committee, dated 4 Mar 1949, after minutes of 1 Mar 1949. Minutes of Sub-Committee, dated 4 Apr 1949, after minutes of 12 Apr 1949. Undated statement outlining C. S. Britton's role, after minutes of 28 Jun 1949. Minutes of Sub-Committee, 30 Jun 1949, after minutes of 28 Jun 1949. Minutes of Sub-Committee, 18 Aug 1949, next to minutes of 23 Aug 1949. Undated, allocation of practice match receipts after minutes of 29 Aug 1949. Minutes of Sub-Committee, 15 Sep 1949, after minutes of 13 Sep 1949. Minutes of Sub-Committee, 13 Oct 1949, after minutes of 11 Oct 1949. Minutes of Sub-Committee, 9 Dec 1949, after minutes of 6 Dec 1949. Letter from T. Kelly, dated 3 Dec 1949, reporting that an Extraordinary General Meeting would be held on 21 Dec 1949. Minutes of Sub-Committee, 16 Feb 1950, after minutes of 14 Feb 1950. Agenda and Details of Club Conference at Cafe Royal London, of the Football League, 27 Mar 1950, after minutes of 28 Mar 1950. Minutes of Sub-Committee, 3 Aug 1950, after minutes of 1 Aug 1950. Recommendations of the Finance and General Purposes Committee to Embody Stores after minutes of 8 Aug 1950. Minutes of Sub-Committee, 8 Sep 1950, after minutes of 4 Sep 1950. Allocation of Practice Match receipts after minutes of 12 Sep 1950. Undated list of players next to minutes of 3 Oct 1950. Accounts to 6 May 1950 stapled to back flyleaf. Players benefits paid 1950/51, Everton F.C. Fixtures and Results Season 1950-51, 7 copies of weekly wage list, Everton F.C. Co. Ltd Accounts to 6 May 1950 and 5 May 1951 on back flyleaf. Non- recurring Items of Expenditure to 16 Feb 1950 stapled to back flyleaf. Includes index.
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