[Meeting held at Xchange Hotel, L'pool
			Tuesday, April 11, 1950]

		Present:- Dr. C. S. Baxter (Chair), Messrs E. Green,
			W. C. Gibbins, R. E. Searle, C. C., F. W. Lake,
			J. C. Sharp, Major R. A. O. C., H. R. Williams & N. W. Coffey,
			Manager & Secretary in attendance.

			Minutes of Meeting of 4th inst., were
		read & confirmed.

Finance			Receipt reported were:-
		Manchester Utd. F. C.	Share Gate	£372.12.11
		Gate v Blackpool			£5406.0.0
		 do  v Birmingham			£3614.8.0
			Cheques were signed for:-
		Customs & Excise	Tax		£713.12.6
		Football League	(v B'pool) 4% 		£192.19.4
		Blackpool F. C.		Share		£727.19.3
		Football League	(v B'ham) 4% 		£125.4.10
		Birmingham City F. C.	Share		£467.18.4
		L'pool City Police	Services	£122.2.0
		C. S. Britton		Salary & Xes.	£192.2.4
		P. A. Y. E.		on above	£99.11.0
			Bank Balance £5075.16.9 Cr.

Reports			Mr. Green reported on the Crewe v Barrow
		Match when his opinion of Hindle & Lee was
		unaltered. He had close contact with Phillips
		(C. F.) & considered him to be 23 or 24.
			Mr. H. R. Williams had no definite
		opinion of Haddington, (I. F.) of Oldham, who
		had played in the centre. Not too old, 5' 9" or
		heavily built. He fancied Ogden (G) & Mountford (O. R.)
			Mr. Britton reported upon the 1st
		& 2nd teams.