[Meeting held at Goodison Park
				Friday Aug. 10th 1962]

			Present :- Mr. John Moores (Chairman) and all
		other Directors.
			Manager & Secretary in attendance.
			Minutes of Meeting of July 17th were read and

FINANCE			Receipts reported were :-
		F. A. Cup Pool					  1820.3.9
		F. L. 4% Pool					  1290.5.4
		Plymouth Argyle on a/c				  2500.0.0
			Cheques were signed for :-
		Directors Expenses				   124.10.8
		Performing Right Society			   118.19.6
			Bank Balance £1625.19.10 Cr.

Bellefield		Mr. Hughes reported that negotiations for the
	229	purchase of Bellefield were proceeding.

INTER CITIES		It was reported that we had been drawn against
FAIRS CUP 229	IRAKLIS-SALONIKA, in the first round of this Competition.

RE-VALUATION		Mr. Hughes reported on the present position of the
	229	negotiations by the Football League.
			It was reported that both Parker & Jarvis had
		now signed full agreements.

NEW BRIGHTON F. C.	It was agreed that an invitation to play
	57	a game at New Brighton to open their Floodlights
		could not be accepted.

BRITISH EMPIRE		A letter was considered from the Lord Mayor
GAMES		suggesting a match between Everton v Liverpool in aid
	208	of the Empire Games Fund. It was agreed that such
		a game could not be arranged, but it was agreed
		to donate £10.0.0 to the Fund.

SECURITY		A suggestion by the Police to install a
		Binglar Alarm system was rejected.