him for the letter & that we would bring
		his name forward again in August.

Transfers		A number of list from Clubs were read
		of men on transfer. No action.

Stansfield		Dr. McMurray's report re the injury to this
		player was considered and decided that a
		copy of same be given to Shansfield & he
		be informed that the Club were prepared
		to pay for the operation without prejudice.

League Minutes		The League Minutes were read.

Pontypridd F. C.	Circular letter received asking for support
		for to obtain admission to the Southern Section of
		the 3rd Division of League.
			Same to lay on Table.

Practice Ground		An application from the Vicar of St. Chads
		for the Practice Ground for July 8th for their
		infants Picnic, was granted.

J. Kelso		The Secy. reported that this Player was
		anxious to know if the Club wished to
		retain his services. Decided that at the
		present they could not offer him an
		engagement, but that they would keep him
		in mind & write his father to that effect.

Southend United		An application from this Club for the
& Bissett	free transfer of Bissett also letter from
		the Player was considered, and it was
		decided to grant him a free transfer
		to the Club mentioned, so as to enable him
		to get an engagement.

McCluggage		Letter read from Mr. McDowell, Belfast
& Wallace	recommending these players. No action.