This website has been designed to help you access The Everton Collection and to encourage discussion, debate and learning for all users of all ages.

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The Home Page introduces you to the Collection and Learning pages. All news and events stories about the Collection and the Trust are shown on the Home Page, and are updated on a regular basis. New features are constantly being added, including objects of the month and online exhibitions.


The Everton Collection has been grouped into 8 distinct online categories to help you search and browse the Collection.

These categories are:
Players & Teams — includes players' memorabilia and team photographs
Match Archive — includes programmes, tickets and reports for 1,000s of matches
Minute Books — a category devoted to the 29 volumes of Everton Club Minute Books
Photographs — includes all photographs in the Collection
Publications — includes books, magazines, newspapers and other published material
Kit — includes players equipment and clothing
Fans Memorabilia — includes a wide range of football memorabilia from fans
Club — includes financial and administrative documents about Everton F.C.

By clicking on each category, a more detailed list appears allowing you to search specific groups of items. The numbers in brackets show you how many items are in the Collection.

Search Results are displayed in list format. You can sort your results by image, date or alphabetically by clicking at the top of each list. You can also choose how your results are displayed in lists of 10, 20, 50 or 100.

Not all items will have an image. More images will be added on a regular basis, so keep checking back!

Many items have more than one image. For example, with every programme you see, there will be an image of every page for that programme. By clicking on "Next" in the bar above the catalogue record you can flick through each page. The same applies to other items with more than one image, such as the front and back of a medal.

You can also Zoom in on each image through the ‘Zoom’ button.

The minute books follow the same format as the programmes. But every minute book will eventually have a transcript of each page next to the original image. This allows you to do specific searches in the ‘Search into book’ box, which will instantly bring up every reference of your searched term in that particular minute book.

The earliest minute books already show transcripts and more will soon be added - so please keep checking back.


Almost every Everton player is listed here. Search players by decade or by surname. By clicking on a player's name, every item in the
Collection relating to that particular player will appear.


Almost every match Everton have competed in is listed here. Search matches by decades and seasons. By clicking on a particular match, every item in the Collection relating to that particular match will appear.

Other Clubs

Over 400 other football clubs are listed here. These include all British top-flight clubs and many European teams and national sides. By clicking on a particular club or national team, every item in the Collection relating to that particular club/team will appear.


Every item in the Collection is related to a theme - sometimes several themes. Use these various themes to explore the Collection in ways you may not have previously considered.


These online exhibitions will vary, but will always tell stories about Everton and football history through images from the Collection. Some exhibitions will be factual, others more light hearted.


These Learning pages have been designed for schools and teachers.

Teachers can book outreach sessions and loan boxes through these pages.

Teachers can also download learning resources for free. These resources can be used on interactive whiteboards in the classroom and are targeted at specific Key Stages and National Curriculum subjects.

My Collection

You can use My Collection to build up your own favourite collection of items. By registering your details you can build your own Everton Collection online. If you see an item or image you're interested in, click on the green cross to save it to your personal account.


The Everton Collection is built on the stories of players, managers, directors and football fans. On these pages you can tell us your own Everton memories and stories, using your own images or images from the Collection. With your permission we may add them to the website for everyone to share.

The Storyteller system is designed to make it possible for you to send us a story related to the Everton Collection.

Your story can be as long as you like, and is made up of a series of blocks of text (called paragraphs). Each block of text can have one image to illustrate it. If you only have one image you can put all your text in the first text box. If you want to add more than one image you will need to add extra paragraphs. You can then add an image for each paragraph.

You may find it easiest to write your story in a word-processing package and prepare your images first, then copy and paste the text into the text box. You can also type directly into the box if you prefer, but there are no facilities for spell checking etc.

If you have registered you will be able to save your story for later and edit it on another occasion. Please make sure you save your work before logging out.

Once you have added all your words and images you can check how the story will look by clicking on 'Preview'. If necessary you can then go back and edit the story. Once you are happy with the preview click on 'Finish'.

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Use this facility to enter words you are looking for. To get the best results, keep your word search as simple as possible. The Advanced Search allows you to search for items in more detail, offering the option of searching by date range and Collection reference number.