Schools Online is a free service from the Everton Collection.  All of our online resources are linked to the National Curriculum and are suitable for pupils at Key Stage 1 - 4.

There are a variety of ways of using the Everton Collection website to engage your pupils.

- Download a lesson plan, scheme of work or activity to use in the classroom

- View an online exhibition

- Use Storyteller, an online writing tool

- Create your own online collection of Everton memorabilia using My Collection

Downloadable Learning Resources

Please click here to download pre-prepared lesson plans in Notebook, ActivInspire and PDF formats.  Each resource uses original source material from the Everton Collection to encourage pupils to explore key areas of the National Curriculum.  Resources link to either the History, English or Drama Curriculum or the Literacy Strategy at Key Stage 1 - 4 and many are cross-curricular. Some of our most popular resources include:

- Key Stage 1 Literacy: Football Labels, Lists & Captions 
- Key Stage 2 History: Football & the Victorians
- Key Stage 3 English: Football Journalism
- Key Stage 2 Literacy: Football Advertising & Persuasive Texts

You can upgrade to the latest version of SMART Board software in order to download 'Notebook' resources here.


Each online exhibition explores on different theme and encourage pupils to discover artefacts, documents and photographs from the Everton Collection. Online exhibitions include:

- The Dixie Dean Story
- Football Fashions
- Cup Winners

To see all of the online exhibitions currently available please click here.


Storyteller allows you and your pupils to upload text to the Everton Collection website. Your text can be illustrated with images from the Everton Collection website or your own. You can also read other peoples stories. Storyteller is a fantastic way of encouraging pupils to explore the Everton Collection and take part in writing activities. To find out more about Storyteller please click here

You must register with the Everton Collection to use this service.  

My Collection

My Collection allows you to tag your favourite images and artefacts on the Everton Collection website and save them so that they can be accessed easily everytime you log on. Your pupils can create their own collection or work together to create a 'class collection'. Click here to start using My Collection.

You must register with the Everton Collection to use this service.


By registering with the Everton Collection you will be kept up to date with any developments to the Learning Service including Schools Online. Registration will also allow you to view online exhibitions, Storyteller and My Collection in 'interactive whiteboard view', making it easier to use these applications in the classroom.  Registration is free and only takes a couple of minutes. Click here to become a registered user. 


If you have any feedback about our online resources please contact us.


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