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31 Oct 1887	Committee mtg. Mr. R. Wilson in chair. Also
		present Messrs Jackson, Webster, Ramsay, Fleming,
		Nisbet, Richards, Gunning, Jones, Wills.
		Everton v Bolton Wanderers drew in first
		round (undecided) of English Cup at Everton
		on 29 inst - team Jolliffe, Dick, Dobson,
		Higgins, Gibson, Murray, Cassidy, Farmer, Goudie,
		Watson, Izatt, referee Mr R. P. Gregson.
		Protest lodged against first goal allowed the
		Wanderers as the ball was not put through.
		team selection adjourned until
		Thursday night.
		Mr. Webster prop Mr. Jackson sec 6d admission for Bootle match
		"   Ramsay  "	"   Richard      3d		do
		    Carried 3d - gate.
		      Jolliffe to get measured for boots

		Vote of thanks to donor of flag-pole.
		Resolved to guarantee Corinthians? £30 for 2 Jany 1888.
		      -"-       to put side stair to large stand - to put
		                  barrier at passage gate in socket

						Robert Wilson

3 Nov 1887	Adjourned Com. Mr. Ramsay chair present Messrs 
		Wills, Fleming, Webster, Gunning, Nisbet.
		Team for 5 inst. Jolliffe, Dick, Dobson, Higgins,
		Gibson, Weir, Cassidy, Farmer, Goudie, Watson,

						Robert Wilson
							Nov 7 1887
202 The possibility of playing baseball at the ground was considered. The ground was felt to be unsuitable.
232 Photograph of players taken at Sunderland. In was agreed that each player should have a copy. The team names: 1st and 2nd team were adopted.
243 £100 to be paid to Mr Houlding towards the Club’s loan account with him.
273 Gordon had to promise to keep in proper condition to play football
274 12 medals were ordered from Vaughton and sons.