Oldham Athletic	The Secretary reported that his contention that as we
& Everton	could offer to visit Oldham on Saturday March 6th
Central League	the question of compensation would not arise notwith-
		standing their inability to take us on that date owing
		to them having a Cup Tie at home but it was decided
		not to insist upon the point.

Team v				  Fern
Bradford City		Thompson	Maconnachie
4th Round	    Fleetwood	  Galt		Makepeace
English Cup	Chedgzoy  Kirsopp  Parker  Clennell  Harrison

		Reserve - Grenyer

Team v				Mitchell
Liverpool Res:		Simpson		Weller
		    Brown	Wareing		Roy
		Palmer  Nuttall  Wright  Howarth  Roberts

Directors to Bradford - Messrs Clayton, Coffey, Halsall & Kirkwood.

Directors to Liverpool - Messrs Davies & Kelly.

		The Secretary read a letter from St. Mirren F. C. re the
		question of the payment of transfer fees & he was
		instructed to write to them and to the other Clubs
		who were indebted to us for a payment on account.

		The Secretary reported that Blackpool F. C. were
		endeavouring to move an extension of the playing
		season and of the two Leagues but it was resolved
		that we could not support same.

		The Secretary reported that Manchester United were