£23:10:0, had been obtained and submitted to the
		Chairman. His decision to discontinue the issue
		of fixture cards was confirmed and Tinlings estimate
		for Season Tickets accepted.

Window		It was resolved that the number of window bills to be
Bills		printed for each match be reduced to 150.

Gwladys		The Secretary was instructed to prepare notices for service
Street		on the tenants of Gwladys Street increasing the rents by
		the amount of increased rates.

Second		The Chairman reported his interview with Mr. McKenna
Team		upon an invitation to run a second team in a local
		competition to be named the Lancashire Combination
		and that he and Mr. McKenna had tentatively agreed
		to enter such competition provided that the status of the
		Clubs and all other matters relating to the proposed
		competition were approved of by Liverpool and ourselves.
		That a meeting of the Clubs was to be held at the Bee
		Hotel this evening and that we had promised to be
		The Chairman's arrangement was confirmed and Mr.
		J. G. Davies appointed to represent the Club.

League		The Secretary reported that the amount received from the
Contribution	League for allocation amongst Local Charities was
Scheme		£103:15:2. It was resolved to increase this amount
Allocation	to £110 and allocate it was follows:-
of Refund		St. Dunstan's Hostel		£60
		British Red Cross Society (Local Fund)	£40
			Union of Boy's Clubs		£10

Private trial game The Secretary reported that, as instructed, he had