[At a Meeting of the Directors held at
				the Bradford Hotel, Liverpool
				on the 30th September 1919.]

			W. R. Clayton Esq. (in the Chair)
			H. Banks Esq.		J. G. Davies Esq.
			A. Coffey Esq.		R. T. Francis Esq.
			John Davies Esq.	E. Green Esq.
				H. Halsall Esq.

			The Minutes of the proceedings at a Meeting
		held on the 23rd inst. were read & confirmed.
			The Minutes of a Meeting of the Finance Comee.
		held on the 24th Sept. 1919 were also read, approved
		& adopted.

Reports			Mr. Banks reported re the Match at
		Sunderland, the result being 3-2 for this Club.
			It was also reported that the Match with
		Leeds City had to be abandoned owing to the
		Visiting Team being unable to travel.

Team			Teams were selected for Saturday as
selection	follows:-
		v Sunderland:-		Fern
				Thompson	Maconnachie
			Fleetwood   Wareing   Grenyer (or Williams)
		Miller   Kirsopp   Gault   Clennel  Donnachie
		Reserve:- Weller.

		v Rochdale:-		Mitchell
				Page		Evans
			Brown	Leiveseley	Williams
		Chedgzoy   Robinson   Mayson   Rigsby   Harrison
		Reserves:-	Robinson
				Albert Smith

Director on Gate	Mr. Coffey
 do     to  Rochdale	"Nil" H. Cooke to be in charge of Team.