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Reference number
796 EFC/1/1/18
Minutes 1927-1929
25 Jan 1927-15 Mar 1929
Contains minutes of general meetings, annual general meetings, emergency meetings and special meetings. 7 Feb 1927 the action of the Secretary in signing W. Cresswell was confirmed. 15 Feb 1927 a shareholder, James P. Wilson, requested that the Directors call an Extraordinary Meeting of shareholders to discuss the Club's position in the League. 2 Mar 1927 it was confirmed that R. Forshaw had been signed from Liverpool F.C. 8 Mar 1927 the Secretary was instructed to sign A. Weldon. 12 Apr 1927 it was agreed to insert a clause in player contracts forbidding players from riding motorcycles or indulging in any act which might incapacitate them. 30 Aug 1927 it was agreed that a history of the Club should be produced to celebrate its jubilee. 18 Oct 1927 it was decided to have an electric lamp installed to facilitate evening training. 14 Feb 1928 Dr. Cecil S. Baxter was co-opted on to the Board following the death of Dr. James C. Baxter. He resigned as the Club's salaried medical officer. 28 Feb 1928 it was decided to undertake a tour to Switzerland. 30 May 1928 the Directors proposed to give each player a present of 25 for winning the League Championship. It was decided to give the shareholders a banquet to celebrate the win. 15 Jun 1928 it was reported that the League had sanctioned giving 25 to 13 players with additional medals to Davies and Martin. 15 Jun 1928 it was proposed that suitable items were purchased to commemorate the Club's 50th anniversary and the winning of the Championship subject to approval from the F.A. and the League. 6 Jul 1928 it was proposed to offer T. Keates 100 guineas for his history of Everton F.C. 21 Aug 1928 Dr. W. T. Davies was appointed as the Club's salaried medical officer. 15 Jan 1929 the Chairman was empowered to have 12 copies of the jubilee history published. 12 Mar 1929 a sub-committee was formed to plan the jubilee banquet. Minutes signed by William C. Cuff, Andrew Coffey, Ernest Green. Letter from William C. Cuff to J. P. Wilson pasted next to minutes of 15 Feb 1927. Letters giving notice of the A.G.M.s on 3 Jun 1927 and 15 Jun 1928 including balance sheet pasted before minutes of the meetings, and also agenda. Letters from Companies' Registration Office pasted in next to minutes of 4 Oct 1927 and 19 Jul 1926. Fragment of letter from T. McIntosh about the erection of the Bullens Road stand 6 Apr 1926 between pp. 100-1. Resolution from shareholders written on the back of notice listing referees for the Central League 1927-28 stapled to back flyleaf.
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