Committee Meeting held Monday May 25th 1891

Present		W. E. Barclay Esq. (in the chair) Messrs Stockton, Coates, Howarth, Currier,
		Wilson, Nisbet, Ramsay, Williams, Jackson, Dr. Baxter & the Secretary.

Minutes		of last Meeting read & confirmed.

J. Holt		This player appeared before the Com. re his not taking part in some of the closing
		matches of last Season & also to ask for his release, & on his explanation being
		given, the Chairman was asked to give Holt the assurance of the Com.
		that they had entire confidence on him.

Advance to Holt	Resolved that Holt receive all his Summer wages in advance.

G. Fleming	Resolved that the resignation of Mr. G. Fleming as a member of the Committee
		be accepted with much regret.

Appointments	Resolved that the appointment of Medical Officer, Trainer &
		Groundsman be made at the next meeting.

Club Colours	Resolved that a Sub Committee consisting of Messrs Stockton,
		Nisbet & Wilson be formed to consider the question of Colours for next
		Season & also to take an inventory of all Stores etc &
		report to the General Committee.

League &	Resolved that Mr. Barclay attend on Friday next along
Ass. Meeting	with the Secretary in London.

Time of		Resolved that in future the Committee meet at 7-30
meeting		instead of 8 O'Clock as heretofore.

Sup Wood	Resolved that Mr. Wilson write a letter of condolence to the
		relatives of Sup. Wood.
18 Standen Whiteside Linaker was considered for membership of the Club.
39 It was agreed to pay £10.00 to F Geary as a wedding present.
43 It was agreed that the Combination Team should be offered 2 guineas and a gold medal each if they got the championship.
51 Resolved that the silver medals to Everton Team from the previous season should be presented on 24 Oct.
72 Gordon appeared before the Committee and promised to abstain from drink in the future.
74 Call on players “to pay strict and special attention to training … and not to go skating on the ice.”
98 Resolved that a turnstile book be kept.
107 Resolved that 13 medals be purchased @ 24/- from Vaughton’s
112 Fred Geary was asked to look for employment outside a public house