Football	Resolved that the Combination team be offered 2 Guineas & a Gold medal each 
Combination	if they get the championship.

Team		v Rangers - Jardine, McLean, Campbell, Kelso, Holt, Lochhead, Wyllie, Gordon,
		  Geary, McMillan &  Milward.
		v Sunderland as above except Latta & Chadwick to play for Wyllie &
		  McMillan. The two latter players to return & play v Stockport County.
		v Stockport County - Williams, Chadwick, Collins, Kirkwood, Jones,
		  Robertson, Wyllie, Murray, Thomson, McMillan, Elliott.

New members 	The following names were submitted for election as members of the Club
		to fill up vacancies.

		Mr. Oliver Heywood Jones	Larkhill West Derby	for  7th vacancy
		"   J. Nelson			Hamilton Road		 "   8th   "
		"   H. Heard			Neptune Hotel		 "   9th   "
		"   C. Ashton			Tancred Road		 "  10th   "
		"   J. Worthy			Yew Tree Road		 "  11th   "
		"   W. Buchanan			Miller Bootle 		 "  12th   "

Dep to		Resolved that a deputation wait upon Mr. Houlding consisting of
Mr. Houlding	Messrs Jackson, Nisbet, Coates, Atkinson & Dr. Baxter & ascertain
		his views on the position re Ground.

Letters from	The following letters have been received from Mr. Orrell by Dr. Baxter
Mr. Orrell	Sep 23rd 1891, having been pointed out to me this evening in the newspaper
		"Evening Express" that the Committee of the Football Club was likely
		to come to an arrangement of leasing my land at £120 per annum for
		10 years. I shall want the money in advance every year. In the 1st place
		before you come to any arrangement in taking the land on lease, you
		had better arrange with me about the quantity you want.

		Signed Oct 5, 1891				W. E. Barclay
18 Standen Whiteside Linaker was considered for membership of the Club.
39 It was agreed to pay £10.00 to F Geary as a wedding present.
43 It was agreed that the Combination Team should be offered 2 guineas and a gold medal each if they got the championship.
51 Resolved that the silver medals to Everton Team from the previous season should be presented on 24 Oct.
72 Gordon appeared before the Committee and promised to abstain from drink in the future.
74 Call on players “to pay strict and special attention to training … and not to go skating on the ice.”
98 Resolved that a turnstile book be kept.
107 Resolved that 13 medals be purchased @ 24/- from Vaughton’s
112 Fred Geary was asked to look for employment outside a public house