Committee Meeting held Monday Nov 30th 1891

Present		J. Houlding Esq. (in the chair) Messrs Barclay, Dr. Baxter, Nisbet,
		Ramsay, Williams, Howarth, Currier, Atkinson, Griffith, Clayton,
		Coates and the Secretary.

Minutes		of last meeting read & confirmed.

D. Jardine	This player appeared before the Committee re his suspension
		& after being admonished by the Chairman the following resolution
		was passed. "That the suspension on D. Jardine be now

Dr Flinn's	Resolved that we accept the resignation of Dr. Flinn as
resignation	Medical officer to the Club with deep regret & that he
		be paid the sum of £20 for his services.

Motion by	Resolved that the time of meeting of the Committee be
Mr. Nisbet	altered to 8 O'Clock.

Motion by	This resolution re the disposing of the Services of some of our
Mr. Coates	Paid players was left over for the present but the Secretary
		to write J. Marsden & ask when he is likely to return to his
		work in Darwen.

Notice of	Mr. Clayton will move the election of Medical Officer to the Club
Motion		in place of Dr. Flinn resigned.

do		Mr. Howarth will move resolution re prices of admission
		to Stand & etc.

Use of 		Resolved that we grant the use of our Ground on Good
Ground		Friday morning to the Express & Echo for matches on behalf of
		Stanley Hospital.
18 Standen Whiteside Linaker was considered for membership of the Club.
39 It was agreed to pay £10.00 to F Geary as a wedding present.
43 It was agreed that the Combination Team should be offered 2 guineas and a gold medal each if they got the championship.
51 Resolved that the silver medals to Everton Team from the previous season should be presented on 24 Oct.
72 Gordon appeared before the Committee and promised to abstain from drink in the future.
74 Call on players “to pay strict and special attention to training … and not to go skating on the ice.”
98 Resolved that a turnstile book be kept.
107 Resolved that 13 medals be purchased @ 24/- from Vaughton’s
112 Fred Geary was asked to look for employment outside a public house