Broadcasting		Letters read re the acceptance of the contract
		for this with Messrs Pulford Bros.

Mowers			It was agreed to have these overhauled
		by Sarginson Bros

Damage to Overcoat	Letter read from Mr W Ryan re damage to his
		coat at A team ground. Decided to reply that we
		did not accept liability, but as an act of grace
		we would pay the cost of repairing it.

Donations		Decided to allocate £2.2.0 each to the
		L'pool Central YMCA & the Everton Poor Children Fund.

Continental Tours	Letters read from Bohemians FC Prague
		& Copenhagen Combined Clubs. Decided to wait
		until all offers had been received & before
		discussing the question further.

Vienna & Admira		Letter read from Thos Cook & Son asking
F.C.s		if we would be prepared to play 2 matches
		with these clubs on our ground, but it was
		decided not to entertain the matter.

S. Chedgzoy		Letter read from M.O. at Belmont Hospital
		that this player was now cured. Decided to pay
		his fees amounting to 31/6

Bryan			It was decided to report this player's injury
		to the Football League Insurance Federation.

Players to Watch	Mr E Green	to watch Luton Players.
			"  W C Gibbins     do	 Weale (Crewe)
			"  A R Wade	   do	 Meek (Gateshead)
			"  A Hair	   do	 Benvie (Arbroath)
			"  J Fare	   do	 Taylor (Bristol City)
			"  J Elliott	   do	 Lambert (Northwich)
			"  T Fleetwood     do	 Jones (Ellesmere Port)
			"  W Laine	   do	 Hall (Crawcrook)

Next Meeting		On Tuesday next at Exchange Hotel at 6 pm

						Confirmed as Correct
							W. C. Cuff