Common			Application from this club (Northampton FC) re transfer
		of this back was not entertained at present.

Match v Army FA		It was decided to travel from Waterloo
		on Decr 5th at 10.4 am to Aldershot & agree K.O. 2.15.
			It was suggested that we might keep
		the players over in London to watch the match
		v Austria on Decr 7th.

Greyhound Racing	An application from Messrs Reece Jones & Co
		on behalf of a Syndicate to accept the tenancy
		of the ground for this purpose was not entertained.

Broadcasting		The question of broadcasting a report of our
		away 1st team matches at our home Reserve matches
		was discussed & looked upon rather favorably.
		It was agreed that the Chairman enquire
		into the matter & report.

Welsh FA Cup		It was decided not to accept the invitation
		to compete in this competition.

Players to watch	Mr E Green to watch Walker (St. Mirren)
			"  J Fare	do    King & Herd (Hamilton)
			"  H Hart	do    Craven (Grimsby)
			"  W Laine	do    Baines, Fenoughty & Spooner (York)

Next Meeting		At Exchange Hotel on Tuesday next at 6 pm.

						Confirmed as Correct
							W. C. Cuff