Gwladys St. P'pty	The Secy. gave a report of the meeting of these
		tenants with the Chairman. The tenants were
		having a further meeting on Friday next.

Players on Transfer	Lists received from Blackburn Rovers & Wolves
		F. C.'s but no action taken.

Mr. H. Banks		Dr. C. S. Baxter reported that this Director was
		slightly better.

Jasper Kerr		An application from this ex-player for a
		position as a Scout for us was not entertained.

Stockings		It was agreed to get sample pairs of
		Stockings royal blue with white turnover 4 & navy
		blue with same band.

Players to watch	Mr. T. Kelly to watch	Baird (Linfield)
			"   J. Fare 	  do	Church (Bolton Wdrs.)
			Dr. C. S. Baxter  do	Napier (Celtic)
			Mr. F. Lake 	  do	Bradshaw (N. Brighton)

			Secy. to arrange to have other players watched.

Next Meeting	At Exchange Hotel on Tuesday next 20th inst at 6 p.m.

						Confirmed as Correct
							W. C. Cuff