Medical				Dr. D. T. Davies reported all players fit
		with the exception of Wyles & McMurray.

Barber				Confirmation was given to the signing
		of this player's at £2 per week during the summer &
		£3/10/- during the playing season with £5 Signing on Bonus.
		Also that a donation of £50 be made to Blyth Spartans;
		a further £50 should he re-sign for 1940-41 & a further
		£100 should he play in 6 - 1st team matches.

Teams				Following teams were chosen:-
		v Linfield (a) 3rd inst.
		Sagar; Cook, Greenhalgh, Watson, Jones T. G., Thomson;
		Caskie, Bentham, Lawton, Stevenson, Boyes Res. Barber.
		v Grimsby Town (a) 6th inst.
		Sagar; Cook, Greenhalgh; Mercer, Jones, Watson;
		Gillick, Bentham, Lawton, Stevenson, Boyes. Res. Thomson.
		v Hereford Town (a) 6th inst.
		Morton; Jackson, Jones; Britton, Gee, Milligan; Barber,
		Cunliffe, Bell, Sharp, Keenan. Res.

Directors to Grimsby		Messrs E. Green & W. R. Williams.

F. L. Conference		Mr. E. Green gave a report of the business
		transacted at this eve-of-Final Meeting.

Retain & Transfer List		Sec'y. reported all players had now
		accepted their offered terms.

Promising Amateurs		Sec'y. was instructed to obtain the
		signatures of M. Hill, F. Griffiths, A. Johnson & K. Dean
		as professionals, at reasonable wages.

E. Storey			It was agreed that any extraneous
		expenses incurred by this employee, due to his
		illness, should be paid by the Company.

L. C. F. A. Council		Mr. W. C. Gibbins was nominated as
		Vice President, & the Sec'y. as our representative
		on this Council for the forthcoming year.

Insurance of Players		Sec'y. was instructed to ascertain
		the true position, regarding the Insurance of our