[Meeting held at Xchange Hotel,
			Liverpool, Tuesday, Feb'y 8, 1949.]

			Present :- Dr. C. S. Baxter (Chair), Messrs
		E. Green, W. R. Williams, F. W. Lake, J. C. Sharp,
		Major R. A. O. C., H. R. Williams & N. W. Coffey.
			The Manager & Secretary attended.

			Minutes of Meeting of 1st inst. were
		read & confirmed.

Finance			Receipt was reported of a cheque
		from Chelsea F.C. for our Share of Gate		£1847. 0.1
			Cheques were signed for :-
		Commrs. Inland Revenue		P.A.Y.E.	£ 417.14.0
		Royal Insurance Co. Ltd.	Xtra Premiums	£   9. 5.9
		Wembley Stadium			Cup Final	£ 190.10.0
		Theo. Kelly			Wages & Xes.	£ 500. 0.0
			Bank Balance £1211.3.11 Dr.

W. C. Cuff		It was noted that a wreath & letter
	100	had been sent suitably.
			The Chairman & Messrs E. Green & J. C.
		Sharp expressed their intention to attend
		the funeral.

Davies (S'land)		Mr. Green reported that this C. F.
	0	had played well. He fancied him & figured
		him as 26 years, 5'8½" & 12 st.

Oscroft (Mansfield)	Mr. W. R. Williams gave a definitely
	138	negative report about this player.

Managers		Mr. C. S. Britton stated that he
Report		was treating with Sunderland F.C. through
		Mr. W. Murray over Davies & expected to
		know more after the week-end.
			Higgins should be alright but
		Sagar was doubtful, Stevenson had an injury