F. A. Council		It was agreed to nominate Mr. T. S. Wood, Secretary
Nomination of Div. III of the Cheshire County F. A. as Divisions III representative
Representative	on the F. A. council.

Service Tenancy		It was resolved that when any player living in
		a club house is transferred or on the expiry of his
		contract with the club, the rent for such house
		shall cease on the date of his transfer or expiry of
			It was further resolved that Messrs T. J.
		Smith & Son be instructed to write H. Potts to the
		effect that possession of his house, 1 Earls Close,
		Liverpool 23 would be required on the 1st July
		and that the Acting Secretary inform J. Lindsay
		that immediate possession of his house, 7, Radnor
		Drive, Liverpool 20 would be required.

Floodlighting		Mr. F. Micklesfield gave a full & detailed report of
	232	the work contemplated during the close season and
		unformed the Board that Mr. Hatton of G. E. C. had
		advised him that 80% of work could be
		completed before the commencement of the forthcoming
		playing season. Mr. Hatton had enquired whether
		the Board could make a payment against the cost
		of the work and it was resolved that we adhere
		to the original terms of the contract. Mr. Micklesfield
		further reported that Mr. Hatton had enquired
		re the possibility of being allowed space to construct
		rooms, as near to the Sub-station as possible, to
		house Switchgear & such like and it was agreed
		that the matter be left in the hands of the
		Floodlighting Committee.

Nominations		Mr. R. E. Searle (Chairman) reported that Messrs
	248	R. A. Joynson & W. H. Sawyer had withdrawn
		their nominations as candidates for this Board of
		Directions at the forthcoming Annual General