[Meeting held at Goodison Park
				Tuesday 15th Sept. 1959.]

			Present :- Mr. F. Micklesfield (Chair)
		and all other Directors, Manager & Secretary
		in attendance.

			Minutes of Meeting of Sept. 7th
		were read and confirmed.

Finance			Receipts reported were:-
		Roberts & Ireland Kiosk Rent		500. 0.0
		Gate v Aston Villa Res.			 78.19.3
		Notts. Forest F. C. %			456.11.7
			Cheques were signed for:-
		Wages					861.18.7
		Cash Disbursements			108.19.2
			Bank Balance £17,885.12.8 Dr.

Reports			Reports were given of the 1st Team game
		v Notts Forest and of the 2nd Team game v
		Aston Villa Res.

Mr. J. Carey		The sympathy of the Board was expressed
		to Mr. Carey on the loss he had sustained in
		the death of his father, and a letter of thanks
		was read from Mr. Carey for the Floral tribute
		and messages of sympathy he had received.
			Mr. Carey reported on the position of
		the injured players.

SHACKLETON, A.		It was reported that the transfer of
		Shackleton had been secured from Leeds Utd. at
		a fee of £8,450.0.0.

SCOTTISH F. A.		It was agreed to release Parker &
		Collins to play for Scotland on Oct. 3rd if selected.

B. B. C.		It was reported that the F. A. had
		given permission for the B. B. C. to film excepts
		of the England v Hungary Match and it was
		agreed to suggest that they use a ? as a