Barry Town F. C. in respect of players Webber
		and Hanky.

MORECAMBE F. C.		It was agreed to send our 'B' Team to
		play at Morecambe on Saturday for 50% of the
		net gate, with a guarantee of £25.0.0.

TOUR	6		It was agreed to forward £200.0.0 to
H. P. FRIEDRIECH Hans Peter Friedriech in Germany for Commission
		and expenses in connection with the Tour he
		is arranging in Germany next May.

VASOS BUDAPEST		An offer for this Team to visit
		Goodison Park in Dec. was not accepted.

L'POOL SCHOOLS F. A.	An application for the use of the
		Ground in Dec. for the Lancashire v Cheshire
		Schoolboys Match was not granted. It was
		agreed to issue 30 Complimentary Tickets to the
		Liverpool Schools F. A. for our F. A. Youth Cup
		game v Rhyl.

FOOTBALL ASSN.		A letter of thanks was read from the
		F. A. for the arrangements made for the England
		v Hungary match.

ROTHWELL TOWN F. C.	Appeals from the Rothwell Town F. C. &
NAT. ASS. GROUNDSMEN National Ass. of Groundsmen were let lie.

SPIKES			A discussion took place on the
		advisability of removing the spikes from the
		top of the cannier between the two centre sections
		of the Bullens Rd. Stand, and it was agreed
		to leave the matter in abeyance.

FIRE			A fire was reported following the match
		on Sept. 16th damaging the wooden steps on
		the terrace under the Goal Stand, causing
		damage amounting to £17.7.0. On the
		recommendation of Mr. Askham it was agreed
		that no further safeguards were necessary.

PAINTING		It was agreed to accept a tender