J. Whitehead	Resolved we try & get him a job, but in the meantime
		we give him employment on the Ground at 20/- per week
		until other job procured.

Country Palatine League Resolved we endeavour to get into a different division
		to Liverpool.

Directors in Charge of Gate Saturday - Mr. Leyland
Do		to Sheffield - Messrs Kelly & Atkinson.

A. T. Coates Esq. Resolved a letter be sent to Mr. Coates sympathising
		with him in this great trouble & Family bereavement.

Umpires		Resolved the Sec. take steps at earliest moment to
		get League to adopt neutral umpires for League
		matches instead of Linesmen as at present.

Charity match on Resolved failing the Express getting match on influence?
Boxing Day	of Express v Echo that we try to arrange for match
		Everton Directors & Stewards versus Reporters.

Theatrical Gate	Resolved the whole of the Directors act as a Sub
		Committee with power to add to their number. 1st meeting
		to be held at the Bee Hotel and that Messrs Bush
		Griffiths & Clayton act as sub Committee to wait
		upon the Proprietors of the Theatres - with power
		to add to their number.
Admission of
Boys to Stands	Resolved Mr. Maxwell have discretion to take
		payment for Boys (when accompanied by their Parent
		if Ticket holder) at the Season Ticket entrance.
43 Agreed that the Secretary arrange eggs, sherry and coffee for the players’ training in the morning
73 Agreed that the Club should pay the players’ expenses for joining the Liverpool gym at reduced rates
91 F. Geary appeared before the directors concerning his behaviour towards the spectators.
113 Agreed to give a match at Goodison Park for the benefit match for the unwaged.
132 Resolved that a letter be written to Porcupine saying the explanation re: stoppage of draws is not satisfactory.
208 Parry suspended. Notice of his suspension to be posted on in the dressing rooms.
211 Reserve Team to have a gold medal each.
243 Resolved Mr. Hinchcliffe be allowed to photograph team
245 Resolved on the purchase of 2 medals for Bell and Southworth
286 Resolved that Elliott be engaged as Assistant Trainer & Groundsman to play when required.
295 Resolved to give Stoke £20 for the transfer of Maxwell & to find him a place in a solicitors’ office.
365 Resolved to give 11 players medals for winning the Combination Championship
444 Resolved that the Ground Committee be authorised to have rooms covered over, urinals erected etc.