Emergency Meeting of Directors held Saturday Dec 29th 1894

Present		J. Read Esq. (in the chair) Messrs Kelly, Griffiths & Wilson.

Team	v	Sheffield United - Cain, Adams, Parry, Boyle, Holt, Stewart, Latta,
		McInnes, Milward, Chadwick & Bell & Hartley as reserve.

Team	v	Celts - Sutton, Adams, Arridge, Boyle, Storrier, Stewart,
		Williams, McInnes, Milward, Chadwick & Bell with
		Hartley as reserve.

Team	v	Newton - Williams, Kelso, Boylan, Walker, Taylor,
		Elliott, Griffiths, Murray, Geary, McMillan, Handford.

Directors in charge of Gate Tuesday Messrs Atkinson & Clayton.

Directors to Sheffield & Glasgow - any with the Sec.

Next Meeting in Town 12.30 on Thursday next.

Holt		to appear at next Meeting.

Taylor		Resolved the mater of engagement & terms be left with
of Newtown	Mr. Griffiths & the Sec.

Xmas Bonus	Resolved the Sec. get 3 Guineas & the Office Boy

						Geo Mahon
43 Agreed that the Secretary arrange eggs, sherry and coffee for the players’ training in the morning
73 Agreed that the Club should pay the players’ expenses for joining the Liverpool gym at reduced rates
91 F. Geary appeared before the directors concerning his behaviour towards the spectators.
113 Agreed to give a match at Goodison Park for the benefit match for the unwaged.
132 Resolved that a letter be written to Porcupine saying the explanation re: stoppage of draws is not satisfactory.
208 Parry suspended. Notice of his suspension to be posted on in the dressing rooms.
211 Reserve Team to have a gold medal each.
243 Resolved Mr. Hinchcliffe be allowed to photograph team
245 Resolved on the purchase of 2 medals for Bell and Southworth
286 Resolved that Elliott be engaged as Assistant Trainer & Groundsman to play when required.
295 Resolved to give Stoke £20 for the transfer of Maxwell & to find him a place in a solicitors’ office.
365 Resolved to give 11 players medals for winning the Combination Championship
444 Resolved that the Ground Committee be authorised to have rooms covered over, urinals erected etc.