Motion re	This was deferred to the
Day & Hour of Meeting next meeting of full board.

McLoughlin	The Secretary was instructed to go to
		Scotland to endeavour to secure this
Nomads		An application for the use of our
		ground on Jany. 2nd was granted if
		L'pool did not object.
		Also it was decided to try & arrange
		a game Combination & Nomads.
		The Secretary read
		A letter of thanks from Hospital Fund
		from Mr. Markey recommending a player
		Of thanks from Notts F.A. for donation
		from J. Cameron that he did not think
		Badger would play a trial for us.

Transfer of	W. C. Cuff to W. Goodge
Shares		  3 shares 203/5 part paid.
		Patrick Collins to Jas. & Francis Riley
		  6 shares 998/1002 & one 2373. passed.

Next Meeting	Tuesday at Goodison Park.

Signed Sep. 13 '04
					  Geo. Mahon