but that they have the usual mode of
		training varied somewhat; the details
		of such revised training arrangements
		to be in the hands of Messrs Bainbridge,
		Kelly, Kirkwood & Whitford.

Cup tie		The Secretary reported his visit to L'pool
		Ground yesterday & that it had been
		decided to charge 2/- & 5/- for the stairs
		& enclosure & 6 for ground.

Reports		The Doctor's report was read.
		The trainers made their reports.
		The Secretary reported his visit with
		Booth to a specialist & his instructions
		to Booth to engage a masseur in
		Manchester which was confirmed.
		The Secretary’s action in instructing
		Sharp to go under treatment at Allison's
		for his damaged ankle was approved.
		The League & Combination matches were
Bradshaw	The Secy. & Lofthouse report favorably on
		Bradshaw Left half back Accrington, Stanley.
Graham		This centre forward was favorably mentioned
		& Messrs Clayton, Davies & Wright were
		deputed to see him play with full powers
		as to engagement.

Twigg		Messrs Bainbridge & Kirkwood intimated
		that they proposed to match this player on
		Saturday next.

Thomasson	This full back of Sale Holmfield was favorably