[Meeting of Directors held at Hotel St. George
		February 20th 1905]

Present		G. Mahon Esq. (Chair) Messrs Clayton,
		Davies, Kelly, Kirkwood, Wade, Whitford
		& Wright.

Minutes		The minutes of the last two meetings were
		read & confirmed.

Reports		The match v Nomads was reported as
		follows:-     Rothwell
		The left back (Kerr) deserved further trial.
		The wing half backs (Stott & Evans) were moderate
		as were the right wing (Jones & Rankin) & outside left (Phillips)

Team v				Roose
Blackburn R.		R. Balmer	Crelley
		Makepeace	Taylor		Abbott
		Sharp	McDermott   Young  Settle	Hardman
Rovers Reserve			Kitchen
			Wildman		Kerr
		Hanlin		Chadwick	Templeton
		Rankin	McLoughlin  Thorburn  Caldwell	Dilly

Nomads		Resolved we pay Nomads £15 as their
		share of gate.

Bradshaw	The Secy. read letter from Accrington Stanley
		& Messrs Bainbridge, Davies & Kirkwood
		were deputed to go to Accrington on Saturday
		& if satisfied with his play to engage him &
		pay Accrington £100 for the transfer.