Auditors fee of £42.7.10.

Chairman	Mr. G. Mahon was unanimously
		reelected Chairman & Mr. Jno. Davies
		Vice Chairman for the ensuing season.

Committees	Resolved that the committees be
		constituted as last season.

Captain		Tom Booth	Vice do	J. D. Taylor
do 2nd		W. McLaughlin	   "	W. Wildman

Benefits	Resolved that subject to the permission
		of the F. A. a joint benefit be accorded
		to T. Booth & J. D. Taylor next season
		and that the Aston Villa match on Jany.
		27th be set apart for that purpose.

		The Secretary was instructed to pay S. B.
		Ashworth £5.5.0 for his sketch of office &c.

Rouse		Messrs Clayton, Davies & the Secretary
		were deputed to go to Stoke with full powers
		as to the transfer of Rouse.

		The Secretary was instructed to write
		Glasgow Rangers as to Speedie & Kyle.

Kirwan		The Secretary read a letter from Chelsea F. C.
		offering £30 for the transfer of this player
		& failing our acceptance of that sum to
		ask the League to fix the amount, & it
		was resolved that this offer be not