match at Sunderland.
		The game at home was reported & it
Walton		was decided that Walton would not
		suit us being too small.
		The trainers made their reports
		The Doctors report was read
		The Secretary reported that H. P. Hardman
		was almost fully recovered
		That T. Booth commenced training
		today & that apparently he would be
		fit to play on Saturday
		That Scott was reported to be suffering
		from a slight quinsey
		That McLaughlin had a bad cold

Young		Messrs Wade & Lofthouse reported their
Kilmarnock	visit to Scotland & that Young was not
		a success but that Banks the right
		half back (formerly a forward) was first
		class & the goalkeeper also was very
		good & they recommended that the
		Kilmarnock team be seen play again.

		Cooper cf of Hearts A.
		Grey   cf of  St. Mirren
		Hallworth cf of Failsworth
		were recommended for observation.

White		Mr. Kirkwood's friend wrote that White
cf E. Stirling	was most unsuitable but that McDonald
		cf of Paisley Abercorn was first class & it
		was resolved that we do nothing further
		with White.