approved & he was instructed to ask
		for 30 Pavilion tickets.

Photo of	The Secretary was instructed to make
Board		an appointment for 2 pm. on Tuesday
		next with Richd. Brown photographer.

Fixtures	The transfer of Southport Central's visit
		to Jany. 14 was approved & the L'pool
		Combn. Fixture left open.

Couper		The Secretary was instructed to keep
		this player in view.

D. McLean	Preston North End having intimated their
		Willingness to transfer D. McLean
		Messrs Bainbridge, Kirkwood & Whitford
		& the Secretary were instructed to go to
		Preston tomorrow with powers up to

E. Cup Round	The Secretary was instructed to arrange
		for the team to stay at the Endsleigh
		Palace Hotel on the evening of the 13th

					William Whitford