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Reference number
796 EFC/7/27/3
Programme - Sheffield United v Everton
19 Oct 1912
Sheffield United defeated Everton 4-1, with T Browell scoring the goal for Everton.
Players from this era
Billy Wareing
Thomas Stevens
Bobby Simpson
Sammy Simms
Johnny Houston
William Hodge
Ernie Gault
James Caldwell
Andy Browell
William Bromilow
James Brannick
Harold Uren
Joe Smith
Willie Jordan
Walter Holbem
Willie Davidson
Tommy Browell
Frank Bradshaw
Frank Jefferis
Alan Greyner
Tom Fleetwood
Sam Chedgzoy
George Beare
Louis Weller
James Gourley
Val Harris
William Stevenson
Jock Maconnachie
Billy Scott
Harry Makepeace
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