Transfer List
		J. Donnachie		free
		J. Evans		do.
		W. E. Gault		    £1000
		J. Henderson		do.
		M. Jones		do.
		T. Mayson		£100
		J. Page			£100
		F. Russell		Free
		W. Wareing		do.
		J. T. Bissett		£250
		H. Rigsby		Free
		A. J. Robinson		do.
		J. Maconnachie		do.
		W. Bromilow		do.

Team Selections		The following teams were selected
		v P. N. E. (h) May 1.
		Fern, Downs, Thompson, Brown, Fleetwood, Grenyer,
		Chedgzoy, Kirsopp, Peacock, Rigsby, Harrison.

		v P. N. E. Res. (a) May 1.
		Fox, Stroud, Evans, Weller, Leivesley, Williams,
		Jones, Wall, Gault, Howarth, Roberts  Res.  Mayson.

		v S. Liverpool (a) May 1.
		Mitchell, Fordyce, Morris, Lawson, Stewart, Smith,
		Ormerod or Spencer, Robinson, Kearslake, McGrae, Carter.

		v Leek (Weller Benefit) Apl. 29th
		Mitchell, Thompson, Page, Weller, Leivesley, Grenyer,
		Jones, Wall, Kearslake, Mayson, Harrison.

		v Prescot (h) May 3.
		Fox or Mitchell, Stroud, Evans, Weller, Leivesley,
		Williams, Jones, Wall, Kearslake, Howarth, Harrison.

Next Meeting		Ordered that next meeting be held on
		Monday May 3rd at Goodison Park.

					W. R. Clayton
						Chairman 3/5/20