Central League		It was reported that Rochdale should
match Dec 4th	have visited us on the 4th inst. but they being
		in the E. C. Ties. we had fixed up with
		Bury.		Action confirmed.

Alford			A letter was read from the Barrow F. C.
		asking for our maximum offer for this Player.
			Decided the Chairman Messrs Sawyer &
		Fare meet the Barrow Secretary at the Bradford
		Hotel on Wednesday Evening with Powers £500.

Druids			A letter was read from this Hospital
Hospital	asking for a few wounded soldiers to be
		admitted to the matches free of charge.
			Decided to admit 20.
Clennell		The Chairman reported that this player had
		broken down again on Saturday last & he had
		arranged for him to see Dr. McMurry, but
		the Doctor's report had not been received yet.

Income Tax		Mr. Clayton reported his interview with
Deductions	Mr. F. J. Wall in respect to the deduction of
		income tax from Dividends, & that Mr. Wall
		had promised to bring the matter before the
		F. A. Council & with respect to the Season
		Ticket privileges it was a League ruling.

J. Hillman	It was decided to grant £2/2/0 to his Fund.

J. Bissett		A letter from the Ebbw Vale F. C. asking
		the amount of this mans transfer was read.
			Decided to ask £250.

Ormskirk &		An application was received from this
District	body re a donation.
League			Resolved to forward a cheque for £2/2/0
		Letters were read from several Clubs etc. thanking
		the Directors for the use of the Ground.
					6/12/1920 A. Coffey