v Whiston (a)
			Left to Staff.

Directors to M/c 	Messrs W. C. Gibbins & W. J. Sawyer.

Reports re Players	Mr. E. Green reported unfavorably of the
Millwall v Swansea         except Graham
		former team ^ but stated that the Swansea
Mole		team comprised some very good players.

Chorley v Morecambe	Mr. A. R. Wade reported on this match & stated
		that Harrison (C. H.), Wright (I. F.) & Blackadder (H. B.) of the
		Chorley team & Young (O. R.) & Threlfall (O. L.) of Morecambe
		had played very well & should be watched again.

Rankin (Charlton)	Mr. J. Fare gave a fair report of these two
Marshall (Gillingham) players & that of the two he preferred the

Ridley (Spennymoor)	Mr. W. Laine gave a favorable report of
		this outside left.

Temple & Thompson	Mr. D. Kirkwood reported that the 1st team had
(Preston Colliery) no match, but that he had seen the latter , but
		as the opposition was so moderate he couldn't give
		a correct report.

Harper (Darwen)		Mr. W. C. Gibbins reported that this player did
		not play, but that the outside right of Atherton
		had played very well.

Abersman Players	Mr. W. J. Wallace reported that the did not
		consider any of these players good enough for
		us with the possible exception of the goalkeeper.

Cpl. F. Macey		Letter read from the Co. giving permission
		to approach this player & Secy. was instructed to
		ask him to meet us in London on Thursday.

Players Wages		A letter from the Hull City F. C asking
		for our support for a reduction of players Wages
		was left over.

Hart & McBain		Letter were read from several clubs re
		these players. Decided to place a fee of £2500
		on the former.