Reports re Players	Mr. E. Green gave a good report of this
Parker (Stalybridge) player & recommended that we try to
		obtain his services.

Chorley Players		Mr. J. Fare reported that Harrison (C. H.) was
		very promising, but that he did not consider
		any of the others good enough.

Chester v E. Port	Mr. D. Kirkwood stated that he did not
		consider any of these players good enough for
Crook Players		Mr. W. Laine gave a favorable report of Waller
		(C. F.) but stated that Moralee had not played
		too well.

Rankine (Charlton)	Messrs J. Sharp & Secy. reported that they did
		not consider this player good enough for us,
		but reported very favorably of the Charlton
		halfbacks Paterson, Armitage & Hardie. & Kirby O.R.

Cpl. F. Macey		Secy. reported that this player had
		signed for Plymonth Argyle.

C. L. match v L'pool	Secy. stated that Bolton Wanderers were
		not prepared to postpone our match on Apl. 10th.
		He was instructed to fix up for another date
		v L'pool.

F. A. Council		It was decided to recommend that
		Mr. J. Grant be appointed to represent L'pool
		County F. A. on this Council.

Hart & McBain		Letters read from Aston Villa & Rangers
		F. C's. re these players - Decided to ask the
		latter if they were prepared to make an offer
		for McBain.

Marshall (Gillingham)	Letter read stating fee required for this
		player was £1500, but that a lesser sum might
		be accepted. Decided to leave the matter
		over for the present.