[Meeting of Directors held at Goodison Park
		Novr. 14 1905]

Present	      B. Kelly Esq. Chair
		Messrs	Bainbridge

Minutes		The minutes of last meeting were read
		& confirmed.

		The Secretary reported that he had signed
		Grundy at £2 per week with £5 bonus
		& this was confirmed.

		The Secretary reported no news from
		Bolton re Shepherd.

		That Makepeace had entered into an
		engagement with Lanc. C.C.

		The trainers made their reports
		The Doctors report was read

Millsom		This inside right of Millwall being
		reported upon favorably the Secretary
		was instructed to ask Mr. Molyneux for
		his opinion.

Young		This C.F. of Kilmarnock the Secretary
of Kilmarnock	was instructed to arrange for Mr. Wade
		& Lofthouse to go on Saturday.