inside or outside left.

		The Secretary was instructed to reply to
		Manchester United's enquiry offering to
		accept £120 for Birnie.

		Resolved that the Board & team put
		up at the Charterhouse Hotel after final.

		The Secretary was instructed to confer with
		Newcastle United as to dining together
		after match.

Re Signing	The Secretary was instructed to offer
		reengagements at the limit wage to
		Abbott, R. Balmer, W. Balmer, T. Booth,
		H. Bolton, J. Crelley, J. Donnachie, Makepeace,
		Settle, Sharp, Scott, Taylor, Young
		at last seasons salary to
		Chadwick, Cooke, Donaldson & Wright.
		Resolved that the following players be 
		not engaged.
		Birnie, Collins, Hannah, McLaughlin,
		Oliver, Quinn, Wildman, Bannister.
		The following were left over for further

		Butler, Black, Grundy, Hill.

Dilly		The transfer of T. Dilly to W. B. Albion for 
		£100 was confirmed.

Good Friday	The Secretary was instructed to offer £10
Friendly	to Oswestry United to play here on Good