to Woolwich.
		Mr. Bainbridge reported seeing Freeman
		play at Leyton but that he could not
		recommend his engagement.

L'pool Cup	The action of the Secretary in arranging
		the cup tie for the 23rd inst. was confirmed.

Denbigh		As was the match at Denbigh on the
		9th inst. for expenses.
		Also for granting the use of the ground
		on the 30th inst. for the final of the
		Thursday Cup.

Continental	The Secretary read a letter from Geneva
Tour		regretting they could not give us
		any fixtures before Xmas.

Grundy		The Secretary reported that he had
		granted Grundy a free League transfer
		as instructed.

		The trainers made their reports.
		The League & Combination games
		were reported.

Team	v			Berry
Denbigh			Strettle	Meunier
		Chadwick	Booth	  Stevenson
		Evans   Mason   Stevenson   Cooke   Crews

Sunderland			Sloan
			Balmer W.	Maconnachie
		Makepeace	Taylor		Adamson
		Sharp   Coleman   Young   Settle   Hardman