. THE .

		Everton Football Club Company Ltd.



					LIVERPOOL, MAY 15TH, 1912.


			I am instructed by the Directors to inform you that the Annual General
		Meeting of the Shareholders of the above Company will be held on THURSDAY,
		THE 23RD OF MAY, at Eight o'clock sharp, in the CENTRAL HALL, RENSHAW STREET,
		LIVERPOOL. Admission on presentation of Balance Sheet. Voting Paper will
		be given in exchange for the enclosed Order, which must be signed by you.

			The Directors recommend the payment of a Dividend at the rate of 5 per
		cent. per annum on called up capital.

			The retiring Directors are MESSRS. W. R. CLAYTON, D. KIRKWOOD and
		R. WILSON; the last-mentioned gentleman does not offer himself for re-election.
		The following gentlemen have also been duly nominated for election to the
		Directorate:- MR. E. A. BAINBRIDGE, 10, Wembley Gardens, Orrell Lane, Walton,
		Liverpool, and MR. ANDREW COFFEY, 67, Victoria Street, Liverpool.

			The Transfer Books of the Company will be closed until the 14th of
		JUNE, 1912.

			Herewith please find Statement of Accounts for season ending April
		30th, 1912.

								Yours truly,

									W. C. CUFF,



				To transact the General Business of the Company.