It was resolved that separate Ladies tickets be issued to
		Shareholders as usual and that the tax thereon be paid
		by special adhesive stamp.

		The Secretary was instructed to have the whole of the
		turnstiles overhauled and the registers turned to zero.

		Also to have fixture cards printed similar in pattern
		to those of last season and the requisite number of season
		tickets for sale to Shareholders only.

Roll of Honour	The Secretary read a letter from the Lord Mayor
	Fund	acknowledging the receipt of the contribution of
		£100:3:6 from the Shareholders and £50 from
		the Directors of the Club.

		The payment of the sum of £200 to Mr. Burnand
		making a payment of £500 in all was confirmed.

		The Secretary read a letter from the Liverpool Trades
		Council dated June 26th complaining of our action
		in giving the work of painting etc. to a firm who did
		not recognise Trade Union Standards and conditions
		and requesting and interview with the Board by a
		deputation. The Secretary's reply of June 27th was
		approved and it was resolved that an interview be granted
		to the deputation of gentlemen named in their letter of the
		26th ulto at the next meeting of the Directors.

		The payment of the Auditors fee of £42:5:9 was passed.

Young		The Secretary reported the receipt of cable as follows:-
			Young manslaughter 3 years expenses £200