Team Selections		The following teams were selected
		v Tottenham Hotspur (a) 12th inst.
			Downs		Macdonald
		Fleetwood	Brewster	Weller
		Jones   Clennell   Parker   Crossley   Harrison
		Res. Robinson.

		v Burnley Res. (home) 12th inst.
			  B. Howard Baker
			Fare		Thompson
		Brown		Garrett		Peacock
		Gray   Wall   Moffat   Reid   Alford
		Res. Williams.

		Team v Marlborough O. B. left in hands
		of Mr. Kirkwood & Secy.

Directors to Tottenham	Messrs Green & Gibbins.

C. Parry		This ex-player appeared & asked,
		if we could send a team to Oswestry
		to play a Benefit match for him owing
		to his illness. It was agreed to do so
		& the fixing of date was left in hands of Secy.

J. P. Oliver		Secy. was instructed to write a
		letter of sympathy to the N'cle United F. C.
		re their Chairman's illness.

L'pool Wed. Cup		It was agreed to grant use of
        Final	the ground on Easter Monday morning
		for this match.

Postponed Matches	The Secy.'s action in re-arranging
		v Chelsea Apl. 6th & Tottenham Apl. 23rd was confirmed.

Next Meeting		Ordered that next meeting be held
		at Goodison Park on Tuesday 15th inst. at 7.30 pm.

					15/3/1921 A. Coffey