[Meeting held at Exchange Hotel,
					L'pool, Tuesday, 5th Sept., 1939.]

		Present:- All Directors except Mr. A. Coffey & Sec'y.

				Minutes of Meeting of the 29th ult., were
		read, but were not approved, & Secy. was instructed
		to amend same for next Meeting.

Finance				Receipts were reported:-
		Gate v Blackpool Res.				£48.5.0
		Aston Villa F. C.		20%		£169.8.2
		Blackburn Rovers F. C.		20%		£129.19.5
				Cheques were signed for:-
		F. L. Jubilee Fund				£372.1.7
		Theo Kelly			Wages &c.	£339.15.0
			Bank Balance £28,668.8.11 Dr.

A. R. P. Sector Post		It was agreed that the Chairman select
		the most convenient situation for this National

Letter of Thanks		This was read from Weston Super Mare F. C.

National Situation		This was reviewed, & failing further
		information, likely to be to hand during the 
		current week, it was agreed that one week's
		provisional notice be given to all members of the
		Staff, other than players; & that a schedule of
		each names, situation, age, wage & potential
		situation of each Member of said Staff, be
		issued to each Director before the next Meeting.
				The Chairman reported that our
		ground had been commandeered as an Anti-
		Aircraft (Balloon Barrage Section), post.

Next Meeting			Tuesday, 12th inst., at 5.30 p.m.

						Confirmed as correct.
							E. Green