[Meeting held at Goodison Park
				Tuesday 29th July 1958]

			Present:- Mr. R. E. Searle (Chair) and
		all other Directors.
			Secretary in attendance.

			Minutes of Meeting of 20th June and
		25th July were read and confirmed.

Finance			Receipts reported were:-
		Season Ticket Sales to date		12,489.10.0
		Crewe A. re Llewellyn			   200. 0.0
 		Chesterfield F. C.  re Steele		   100. 0.0
		Darlington F. C. re Leader		   300. 0.0
		F. A. Cup Pool				  1121.14.5
			Cheques were signed for:-
		G. E. C.				 3,912. 0.0
		J. H. Minot & Co. Ltd.			   400. 0.0
		Wages					   764.10.0
		Cash Disbursements			   161. 3.9
			Bank Balance £26,408.19.1 Dr.

A.G.M. MINUTES		It was agreed that the Minutes of the
		Annual General Meeting be printed on the
		Balance Sheet next year and circularised to

LLEWELLYN 95		It was reported that Llewellyn had
		been transferred to Crewe A. for £500.0.0 and
LEEDER		Leader had been transferred to Darlington for

HARBURN			It was reported that Harburn had
		signed today at a fee of £6,500.0.0, and it
		was agreed to purchase a suitable house for

GEARY			It was agreed that this Scottish
		Schoolboy who had been down on trial
		should join the groundstaff.