[Meeting held at Goodison Park
				Tuesday Jan. 6th 1959]

			Present:- Mr. R. E. (Chair) and all other
		Directors. Manager & Secretary in

			Minutes of meeting of Dec. 30th were read
		and confirmed.

Finance			Receipts reported were:-
		Bolton W. F. C. %			666.15.1
		Southampton F. C.			3000.0.0
		Grimsby Town F. C.			2000.0.0
		Darlington F. C.			300.0.0
		Gate v Liverpool Res.			491.0.6
			Cheques were signed for:-
		Cash Disbursement			138.15.9
		Wages					805.7.2
		W. H. Cooke Xes.			64.17.6
			Bank Balance £41.809.15.11 Dr.

Reports			Reports were given of the 1st Team game
		v Newcastle and of the 2nd Team game v Liverpool
		Res. Mr. Carey agreed that the players should
		have wear rubber boots for the game at
		Newcastle and undertook to ensure that the
		players would be properly shod under similar
		conditions in future.

HARBURN			It was reported that Harburn had been
199		transferred to Scunthorpe for £4000.0.0 and it
		was agreed to apply for permission to pay
		him his annual share of benefit plus £300.0.0.

PATRICK DUNNE		It was reported that this young amateur
		was to join the groundstaff.

FIELDING		It was reported that Fielding was
240		prepared to re-consider the offer of Ards F. C.
		to join them as Manager.