Divers		Resolved we reply to Celtic & say we are prepared
		to accept £100 for transfer of Divers.

Accounts	Archer £0.15.10, Telephone Co. £10.0.0.

Notice of Motion by Mr. Davies to alter time of meeting to 7-15.

Player to be seen Resolved Messrs Keates & Kelly go to Accrington to
		see Whittaker play (inside right).

Benefit match	Resolved we play C. Parry a benefit match at
		Newtown on Nov 17th. He to provide Dinner & tea
		& we pay Railway fares.

Team to Notts	Resolved we travel by Great Central on Dec. 3rd.

Signed October 20th 1898		W. R. Clayton		Chairman.

Meeting of Directors held Thursday Oct. 20th 1898

Present		W. R. Clayton Esq. (in the chair) Messrs Bainbridge, Baxter, Brooks,
		Crawshaw, Cuff, Davies, Keates & Taylor.

Minutes		of last meeting read & confirmed.

Team v Albion	Same as played at Derby.

Team v North E. Reserve - Kitchen, Eccles, Crelly, Wolstenholme, Stringfellow, Hughes,
		Marquiss, Bright, Turner, Barlow & Knox.

Directors	in charge of Gate - Messrs Baxter & Brooks.

Directors	to Preston - Messrs Bainbridge, Clayton, Keates, Davies,
		Taylor & Cuff & That they be empowered to engage
		Bright for the Season.

Motion by Mr. Davies Resolved that the Selection of the Teams be not taken
		before 7-15 in future.

Hughes		Appeared before the meeting & apologised for his conduct
		& it was Resolved that the Chairman reprimand him.

Accounts	Archer £1.2.0.

Lynch		Resolved we give a donation of £10 to the Widow of
		Lynch & allow  6 Collectors with boxes on the
		Ground on Saturday - we to count the contents.

Officials at B'burn Resolved the Secretary write Mr. Bentley re this

Signed Oct 27th 1898				W. R. Clayton	Chairman