Day & hour of	Resolved Directors meetings be held on Mondays
Meetings	at 7-0.

Quorum		Resolved five form a Quorum.

Teams Committee	Question left over for future consideration.

R. McFarlane	Resolved we offer him to 3rd Lanark & Morton for

Next Meeting	Monday June 19th.

Abbott's engagement Confirmed viz. pay Small Heath F.C. £250 &
		play them a match mid week & players wages £4
		during playing season & £3 during Summer with
		a bonus of £10.

Signed June 22nd 1899			James C. Baxter		Chairman

[Special Meeting of Directors held Friday June 9th 1899 at the
		Bradford Hotel]

Present		Dr. Baxter (in the chair) Messrs Bainbridge, Crawshaw, Cuff,
		Davies, Keates & Taylor.

Secretary's position Resolved unanimously that the Board offer Mr R.
		Molyneux a five Years engagement at a salary
		of £260.0.0 per annum as Secretary to the
		Company which was at once accepted.

Hoardings round	Resolved the Ground Committee be authorised to
Field		have a Skirting board fixed on hoarding & new
		stays where required.

Next Meeting	Resolved next Meeting be held on Thursday
		June 22nd instead of the 19th.

Signed June 22nd 1899		James C. Baxter		Chairman